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Betty LynneDuring an altar call at a revival I was attending at age 11, I prayed and told God I wanted to believe only what HE wanted me to believe. I asked Him if He wanted me to believe in Jesus? I said that if He wanted me to trust in Jesus and believe that He’s God’s Son, would He please ask someone to walk down that aisle with me to the altar so I could invite Christ into my life. I was so young and afraid to walk down by myself. Right at that moment, a lady that I didn’t even know tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Would you like to go forward and accept Christ?” I said “yes”, and she walked down that aisle with me. On the way down, she said she could just hear our hearts beating together. I knew the Lord had spoken to her and answered my prayer. I knew that He wanted me to trust in Jesus as my Savior. I have never looked back, doubted my salvation, or regretted that decision I made that day in any way. It’s been a GLORIOUS RIDE with JESUS at my side.

In 1984 I had a desire to get back into singing. My singing voice was practically gone because I hadn’t sung in 15 years. I prayed and asked God to restore my voice and help me to get back into singing. The next week Ron, a friend from church, called and asked if I would like to form a gospel singing group with him. I said, “YES”, and told him that I had just prayed about singing the week before. He said that perhaps our friend Deborah would like to join with us, and to give her a call. I hadn’t spoken with her in months, and that night I was looking all over my house for her phone number. All of a sudden my phone rang and it was……Deborah! Before long Ron, Deborah, her sister and I were singing here, there and everywhere. God began to restore my voice as I started singing for Him again. When I was very young, my dream was to be a singer when I grew up. God does answer prayers, and He’s an Awesome Dream-Weaver. Dare to Dream because Impossible Dreams Do Come True!